Minnie Dlamini virginity secret is out: Khune speaks out about their sex life.

The relationship between television personality Minnie Dlamini and soccer star Itumeleng Khune was once an envy of many, and many have wondered if Minnie was really a Virgin, until now.

Minnie and Ituemeleng dated on and off for three years. Neither one of the two have said what the real reason for their break up was.

The Confusion started when a ceremony called Umhlonyane .Umhlonyane is done when a girl has had her first menstrual period. It’s done for a virgin a girl who’s never had sex.

Now itumeleng khune, has finally commented on the issue saying he was also confused by the ceremony “Minnie and I were having sex at a regular interval” the soccer star revealed. He said “I was a laughing stock to my friends and team mates who knew that I and Minnie were intimate. This come out after the soccer star was confirmed to be in a new relationship with Sbahle Mpisane.

Minnie says she is still heartbroken by the revelation. There were so many things that happened between us, and it’s nobody’s business what those things were “I won’t lie, I really didn’t want to talk about it, but I need to stop acting like it didn’t happen. It happened and it hurt me tremendously. I am completely broken as a result. I have no regrets,” She said.

I plead with South Africans to please let it go and move past it, like I have. She said

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