Fans fighting for Zola 7. They want him and his show back

Dear Zola

Izolo lokhu U were making people’s dreams come true. U fed the needy with your kids money. U travelled countries representing South Africa as a servant, leaving abo Mvelo, Lwandle, Bambatha, Nyezi emuva with no one protecting your family against all odds. U cried daily when u heard stories of infants whom are not being taken care of. U stood up and influenced big Companies like Cell C to help U feed the needy and the orphans.

U left Your mother waya emazweni… U took out money from your own pocket and paid school fees of girls from Tanzania ( Dara Salam) who were prostitutes and they changed since that day to become an asset to that country. U represented South Africa in African Countries until u were honoured by the Shakur family as the 2pac wase Mzansi. Nkosi sikelela I Africa if this is how we going to honour and celebrate our heroes downfall…

Zola I believe in u, I don’t care what the media is saying about U. This is not a downfall to U… This is a temporary set back. U’ll bounce back. Ngizokulinda uzubuye.The devil and his people ngeke balunge. Qina ndoda ekhaya babheke wena. I wish Steve Biko was still alive to see this stupid journalist who celebrate the downfall of a black man… not just a man but a Hero to many. I salute u

This is Bonginkosi Dlamini, Some know him as Zola 7. This a a black man who use to be in our Television screen. We have witness him changing lives motivating people with His music, Giving hope in hopeless situation
The South African media did their best to shut down The Zola 7 black owned brand. Drag His name down the drain using people who were so close to Him. For a number of years we couldn’t see him on TV His music was removed from radio station playlist .

I could only just imagine the pain he went through when the mother of the child He always sang about turned the back on Him. The Vultures who use to write good things about Him writting him off denting and Damaging His career. His sponsors withdrew, Doors were closed .Tears He cried fighting defenceless fights.

I’m looking at the good things He has Done that never saw the headlines on news papers yet the bad that were never proven saw the day light .I feel pity and shame for the Black Journalist who partaked in the plot of His down fall

ZOLA is a fighter a soldier and a warrior .He never gave up He is still fighting to resurrect his career slowly He is surfacing .If you can just Listen to His album titled IMPEPHO ,You will feel the pain and anger stories told in the music .

Let’s bring Zola back in the spot light where He Belongs, The job He started nobody will finish only Him with our Support

SABC RADIO Play Zola’s Music

Let us all Support Zola the Son of Africa Son of African soil

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