I infected many men with HIV because i was bitter and angry. Please forgive me before i leave this world

Her Name is Ntombifuthi Ntuli. She died this morning at her parent’s home in Natal. Please READ and SHARE her TRUE STORY.

This is the story of my life. In 2010 I left KwaZulu Natal for Wits University. I was just an innocent girl from KwaZulu. My friends took me out for Thursday girl’s night out. I was not drinking or smoking but just eating snacks. This charming bold hunk came to us and introduced himself as Dumisani. I ignored him and he started flirting with my friends. He told my friends that he is into me and he will do anything to be with me. He told them all sweet things about me so that they can persuade me to date him.

He bought them everything in the club and they influenced me to date him for a night so that they can spend his money. After the partying and dancing he asked if he can go home with me. He told me that we will sleep in separate rooms since we are starting slowly as friends. Instead of going to his place he drove me to one of the most expensive hotels. The night was sweet and i couldn’t resist him by his looks and shape. We had a long s3x and continued in the morning.  Stupid me i never asked for protection because i was blinded by his big body.

I tried to phone him the next day but it went unanswered. It hit me on the 3rd day that i was just a one night stand and i had to except even if it was painful to realize that i was used as a tool for my friends to get free booze and fun.

Three month down the line I started to get this smelly discharge. I went for HIV test and I came out HIV POSITIVE. I went mad sleeping with each and every boy i meet in the University and outside. My aim was to infect every guy I meet until I met this pastor and accept Jesus as my saviour. I am now back home with my parents on my death bed.

South Africa forgive me for what I did. More than 200 innocent souls died because of my anger. Had I accepted my status and lived a positive life taking my medication I would have been healthy by now. Please forgive me.

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