South African education is not for job creation

It is painful to know that i wasted my time learning about this things at school while children in China and Japan were learning more about technology. Today i am unemployed and those kids in China and Japan are making Tablets and Cellphones using the knowledge they acquired while i was learning about a locust and tropical cyclones.

Dear S.A Government Teach our children how to make a train not how to calculate the speed of train from Point A to Point B. Teach our children tobe producers instead of consumers.

Imagine if we make our own cellphones and Car brands in South Africa? Imagine if all Taxis, Government Cars, Police Vans and buses were made by us in our own Car factory (Our own brands). How many jobs were we going to create?

I know you think i am just some naked Pulane you know on Social media but the fact is the only way to create jobs is when we produce what we eat, drink, wear and use daily. Imagine if we had our own sports wear brands in S.A. How much were we going to generate from Kaizer Chiefs, Bafana Bafana and Pirates t-shirts.

We can’t all get employment from Municipality and other government offices. We need to produce and sell to other countries. But to do that we need necessary education.


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