Doctors said she won’t live until 15, today she is celebrating her 17th birthday

Ontlametse: a story of life – a journey full of miracles

However, the good news from a private hospital in Johannesburg was that the strong little girl had pulled through and was making good progress. Approached for comment, Ontlametse’s mother Bellon pleaded for privacy, saying her daughter’s condition was a sensitive matter.

“Right now she is sick and it is very hard for me,” Bellon said. According to the mother, Ontlametse is recovering very well and was able to talk again.

Ontlametse was the first black child to be diagnosed with progeria. Ontlametse touched the hearts of many people when she appeared on Etv’s Third Degree programme. She has since been receiving a lot of support locally and internationally.

“Give us some space to deal with this situation. This is not easy on us, and we don’t want to cause unnecessary attention on the girl,” said Bellon.

Ontlametse was not expected to live beyond the age of 13. On Saturday, 2 May, she celebrated her 16th birthday in style, dressed in a white dress and silver sneakers. Her party was organised by a group of celebrities from Ga-Rankuwa and surrounding areas, with comedian Thapelo “Tips” Seemise at the forefront.

Popular artist Dr Malinga also performed at the party and wowed the crowd with his famous dance kicks, tagging Ontlametse along. Ontlametse laughed with joy when she was presented with three birthday cakes.

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