How to pray against evil spirit that visit you at night in your sleep

Heavenly Father, I bring before You, the BAD DREAMS that torment me (or my children) in our sleep. I seek Your Face tonight, any demons or evil power that will attack me tonight, set them on fire in the name of Jesus. Oh my father my father, watch over me tonight and let me have a peaceful sleep tonight in Jesus mighty name! Amen

Prayer points
1. Let the blood of Jesus erase all evil dreams in my life in the name of Jesus.

2. I cancel and wipe off all evil dreams in the name of Jesus.

3. Let all satanic designs of oppression against me in dreams and visions be frustrated in the name of Jesus.
4. Evil strangers in my body, in my house, come come out and disappear in the name of Jesus
5. Let all spiritual problems attached to any hour of the night be cancelled in the name of Jesus.
6. Let the fire of the Holy Ghost destroy any evil list containing my name in the name of Jesus

I command all my good dreams to come to pass in Jesus mighty name! Amen

Prayer against spirit of Setback and delay

 Many of you have been facing unprecedented setbacks and delays in your life. It is almost as if, just when you’re about to cross the finish line with one exhausting situation, there is something or someone strategically positioned to cause you to not only not meet that finish point but simultaneously cause you to start all over again. That evil spirit of setback and delay must be destroyed.

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