Is this the beginning of a new relationship, is this new love for celebrities

It is alleged that Hip hop artist Cassper Nyovest has finally found another shoulder to lean on, a few months after his ugly-break up with his ex girlfriend Boity Thulo. It is alleged that the flamboyant hip hop artist promised to make it official at his own time as he claims he has not yet completely recovered from the pain he got from his previous relationship with his celebrity ex girlfriend Boity.

Cassper Nyovest also revealed that he is learning new things in each and every relationship, “At least I am wiser now and I have learnt a lot, I hope my current relationship will last forever,what killed my previous relationship will certainly not divide me with my new queen.

Refiloe Maele Phoolo, popularly known as Cassper Nyovest, has never been shy about his origins and the life experiences that moulded him into the ‘resilient’ young man he is today. In the wake of what has been dubbed the biggest achievement by a local artist, the success of his #FillUpTheDome campaign, many fans are keen to know who the man behind the catchy lyrics and killer dance moves is.

A quick internet search may reveal where he was born, who is dating or even where he went to school, but here are ten things that will make a die-hard fan feel they know “Nyovery” a wee bit better.


He wasn’t always ‘Cassper Nyovest’. The young rapper started off as a ‘Young Gun’ and adopted the ‘Cassper Nyovest’ name when he started hanging with Motswako guru, Hip Hop Pantsula. Those close to him have said there may be a link to his favourite childhood cartoon,Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Whether you know what his favourite colour is or  what is the first thing he does in the morning; the one thing most South Africans, especially those in music industry, can agree on is that this young man has shaken up the scene and promises to do more for the industry, his fans and the country as whole.

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