Lundi Tyamara Healed After Using Lion Of Judah Oil – Thank You Papa Bushiri

Lion of Judah Oil heals Lundi Tyamara and he is discharged from the hospital,thank you God of Major One.

Lundi was labeled as the living ghost right after being seen as life has given up on him. He had lost so much weight that he looked more like a walking and breathing skeleton.

A source then told mzansi stories that Lundi’s family asked for lion of Judah oil from one of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri ‘s followers in pretoria and ministered to him with it and he was healed instantly and jumped off the bed with a great smile. His family asked permission to have him discharged from the hospital for a day so he can go and give a testimony at ECG church.

A day Later after using the anointing oil the Doctor couldn’t find what’s wrong with him and discharged him with immediate effect.

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