S.A Farmers are racists and they treat their workers like slaves.

DNYWLM7X4AA89jT.jpg-large In their protest against farm murders many farmers were showing off on how racist they can be by using the Apartheid Flag. The Apartheid Flag remind South Africans about the painful past and how bad they were treated by the Apartheid government. This shows the level of racism that is taking place in South African farms.

Black Farm Workers are frustrated and humiliated by farm working conditions, low wages and racism. Some farmers are paid with food and old clothes. Some are evicted mercilessly by White farmers like in the case of Farm workers in Thabazimbi Municipality ward 4.

Many Farm workers are tempted to revenge on their bosses and end up killing them in an attempt to rob them. Hence many of the murders are a pure element of crime.

Civil rights group AfriForum on Monday said attacks on South African farmers had strong racial and political links, condemning “reckless” remarks towards the farmers often made by politicians.

“It is important that we create some context. It’s not just saying whether it’s black or white [farmers being killed]. I believe there is a political influence in some of these attacks. Sometimes we do hear racial utterances being said to victims of these attacks before they are murdered,” said Ian Cameron, AfriForum’s head of community safety.

“Obviously, the survivors have shared these stories with us. We have also head of perpetrators who commit these horrible crimes. There is a mixture of things that might add to motive. I don’t think there is a simple answer.”__ Sourced from The Citizen online

South african farmers must work hand in hand with Black South African. They must assist with the skill and knowledge, they must also share the land with Blacks and work  it together. In this way farms will be more safer.